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Desktop Clock

Picture in Picture


Picture-in-picture allows you to open a video in a pop-out window on top of other apps. We created the picture-in-picture clock and timer so you can use this functionality to see the time and date, or to keep track of a timer.


Use the tabs at the top to change between date and time display and timer display. In timer mode, enter the desired hours and minutes, then click start. Click the picture-in-picture button at the top, or right click the video and select "picture in picture" to enter picture-in-picture mode.


Picture-in-picture support varies by browser and operating system, however, it's generally supported on chromium browsers such as Chrome and Edge, and not on Firefox. It is also possible to disable picture-in-picture on your device, and doing this would also cause this mode to be inaccessible. However, regardless of support, you can still use the picture-in-picture clock and timer as a normal clock and timer; it simply will not pop-out.

Known Issues

Switching apps, minimizing, or navigating away to another page may cause picture-in-picture to stop, depending on your device.

How Does it Work?

We add the clock or timer onto a canvas element, then create a video stream from the canvas so that the clock or timer can be used in picture-in-picture mode.