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Pomodoro Timer


A pomodoro timer is a timer that helps you focus on one thing and take breaks. The idea is that you have tasks that take a certain number of poms (25mins) and between each pom, you have a short break (5min). After every so many (5) short breaks, the break is instead long (15mins). This technique helps you study, focus, or just get stuff done. In our pomodoro timer, you can customize the minute lengths and also make a todo list of tasks for today with how many poms each one takes.

Change Pomodoro, Short Break, and Long Break Minutes

Open settings and go to the "Miunutes" section to change the number of minutes long a pomodoro, short break, or long break is, as well as the long break interval. The long break interval is the number of short breaks between each long break. The pomodoro method typically uses 25 minute long intervals.

Sound Settings

Open settings and go to the "Sound" section. You can change the sound that plays when the timer is done, as well as its volume and how many times it repeats.

Click "Start" to begin or resume the current timer. The current timer can be a pomodoro (a task) or a short or long break (break between tasks). The tab will change when the timer runs out. It will go between pomodoro and short break back and forth, and every 5 (or whichever long break interval you have chosen) breaks will be a long break instead. You can click the fastforward button to skip to the next section. You can also click on a tab to begin a timer for that section.

Adding Tasks

You can click the "New" button at the bottom to add a new task. You can enter a name and description if you would like. The number of poms is the number of pomodoro timer durations that the task will take. For example, with 25 minute pomodoros and 5 minute breaks, if you set the task study to be 3 poms, then you will spend 75 minutes studying, with two 5 minute breaks and three studying sessions. As you progress through the timer, the current task will be displayed below (which can be changed by changing the primary display), and your list of tasks will be displayed below that. You can edit the name and description, delete tasks, and start at the beginning. Below that, you can see a graph representing how long each task and break will be. You can show or hide the task list and overview graph by changing the secondary display.