1.12 - Timer and Countdown

Introducing timer and countdown! Enter a duration and create a timer, or enter a date and time and create a countdown! These apps support creating multiple timers or countdowns, custom sound settings, and a custom fullscreen experience.

1.11 - Picture in Picture Clock and Timer

Introducing picture in picture! This new app lets you pop out your clock or timer into a picture-in-picture overlay, so you can have it on the side in front of your other apps. View the time and date or set a custom timer.

1.10 - Weather

Introducing weather! You can view temperatures, rain, wind speed, humidity, UV index, and more for any location! View current, hourly, and daily weather! You can customize your weather view as well!

1.9 - Calendar

Introducing calendar! You can view week, month, year, and year list for any dates, and print any view in seconds as well!

1.8 - About Pages

Introducing about pages! Each app will now have an info button on the top left, which will take you to its about page. You can learn about what you can do in that app with answers to common questions. You can also read up on info about times, dates, and our mission and design philosophy.

1.7 - Rubiks Cube Timer

Introducing Rubiks Cube Timer! You can track rubiks cube sessions, view stats on each session such as average of three and five, generate scrambles, share and view scrambles, and more!

1.6 - Sunrise Sunset

Introducing sunrise sunset! You can view sunrise, sunset, solar noon, and more times for any location on any day and in any timezone! You can also click one button and instantly use your timezone, date, and location, or search for popular cities.

1.5 - Chess Clock

Introducing chess clock! Chess clock has been added to our array of clock and timer tools! You can customize the time settings, use an increment, keyboard shortcuts, customize sounds, and more.

1.4 - Pomodoro Timer

Introducing pomodoro timer! Increase your productivity with a fully-featured pomodoro timer.

1.3 - Multiple Themes

Now you can store multiple clock themes! Share, rename, download and upload clock themes for multiple uses.

1.2 - Stopwatch

Introducing stopwatch! Now you can create multiple stopwatches, with lap, fullscreen, and name options.

1.1 - Worldclock

Introducing the worldclock, where you can view times across the world all in one view! Configure your displays, timezones, and more to your liking.