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Desktop Clock


Design Philosophy

Desktop Clock aims to be a tool that is both simple to use and has every setting and every clock you'll ever need. We take special consideration into user experience, creating a beautiful, clean, and elegant user interface, and making a highly performant app. We also try our best to design around every single screen size, no matter how crazy. Lastly, we want everything available for you offline, quickly and easily, and we want the minimum noise in the way. That means no backend (we may in the future consider offering account storage in the cloud) and no ads (we may consider adding a small banner in the settings menu to support one of our board game releases, stay tuned!).

Our Mission

If there is anything clock, time, or timer related in the world, we want it here! Our goal is quite simply to deliver an amazing product to as many people as possible, and make sure that we're improving your life and reducing stress or hassle when possible.